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PHPNuke Themes is pleased to announce the release of a new WOW theme.

WOW Wrath Of The Lich King Theme is a new PHPNuke Theme.

This is a very unique PHPNuke Themes Using 4 OpenTable commands and 4 Different header backgrounds, what does it mean ? It means that when members view different modules they get a different header image on different pages, making it feel as if they are on a different site please see previews !

4 Backgrounds Headers
Links Fade script
No Right Click script (Admin can right click)
4 Different Open/Close commands for a different feel and look
Left/Right block titles use images instead of boring text (PSD and instructions included)
Standard Footer message edited from the admin preferences page.

About Us Module
Centre Forums Block
vWar account Image
Your Account Images
Modules PSD
Left/Right Blocks Instructions
Theme fonts
Topic Images PSD
+ Many other extras

Preview here "Making Clans Look Good!!"


Article submitted by: XGSTQ
Last Update: 11-15-2007
Category: PHP Nuke Themes

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