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Advanced Dungeons & Rabbits 4.4 has been ported to Nuke 8.0. This is the ALPHA testing phase, we are still testing to make sure all links are working and no errors. This is a big step for ADR-2-Nuke, many changes have been done to make this more Nuke friendly, all core ADR file have been move to the nuke modules directory, all files have been change to support Nuke 8.0. new file structure. Once again this is the [ALPHA] testing phases. I know there will be bugs, but we are close..
You can see it in action Here. All credit goes to Wishwarriorx over at, who ported the core files to Nuke, I (TheOG) only take credit for porting to Nuke 8.0. and working out a few bugs to really get it working with Nuke 8.0. I will be releasing a fully modded version once I am sure things are working within the core files.
You can get your copy Here Again this is the ALPHA release. Please go to for support questions.

Article submitted by: L1some
Last Update: 02-28-2008
Category: PHP Nuke Add-ons

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