Who is Online Admin Module Version 2

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What's new in this release.

  • Who is Where has been added.

  • Removed some of the images, so that the display fits, with the new layout.

  • You now have a choice to use flags or abbreviations for countries.

  • Default settings for flags, requires that you have Nuke Sentinel installed.

  • When adding / editing IP ranges, you now have a choice to use a dropdown
    list for countries, the setting for this is found in Who is Online config.

  • Now as an auto install on firstuse.

  • It will also identify an attempted virus attack.

This module has all the functionality of its predecessors (versions 1 and 1.5).
You can get your copy from our downloads section
Support for this module can be found at LD Software Support Forum

Article submitted by: Affamole
Last Update: 08-20-2008
Category: PHP Nuke Add-ons

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