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With more and more phpnuke download websites shutting down it is almost impossible to find the old and new bbtonuke mods any more. We have set us a goal to make them all available once again on one spot. At the moment we have 60 bbtonuke mods and about another 100 to come over the next few days as we work on the upload. Besides we will hand pick the best and most usefull phpnuke modules and make them available for downloading.

Check all of this out on our website

Admin Note: Lets hope they dont remove any credits from the people that originally modded these over to work in PHP-Nuke, like Anor, Mighty, JRSweets, Telli and many others. All of the mods are also available here: downloads-cat15.html

Article submitted by: Aaly
Last Update: 04-01-2008
Category: PHP Nuke Add-ons

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