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The long awaited version of the great content module replacement for PHP-Nuke has finally reached his pinacle of development and its now ready to be downloaded by you. Many months have passed by, but it is sure worth it... Many things have been corrected/fixed/updated, see the changelog:

v2.0.6 (February 2008)

* Speed improvements (fixed lots of PHP errors and warnings caused by the module)
* Fixed a bug in the preview function that used to drastically alter html code
* Fixed a bug where content with the apostrophe character did not enter the database
* Enhanced the Recommend to a friend function
* Some minor appearance tweaks
* Minor corrections to language files
* Other minor fixes

Do not hesitate any longer and DOWNLOAD your copy away or you may want to PREVIEW it online.

Article submitted by: Slaytanic_wehrmacht
Last Update: 02-29-2008
Category: PHP Nuke Modules

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