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It's just been released the first stable version to send Newsletter. The module is compatible with PHP-Nuke (from 7.6 to 7.9) and WL-Nuke of More info

The system developed for the newsletter lets you send email packages (10, 100, 1000, etc..) At its choice on an automated (the script works in the background and automatically sends emails). This can not load the server.
The script has been tested on several Hosting (including Aruba). The biggest test was done with a server Aruba which contained 40,000 subscribers to the newsletter and the test is successful.
There are some features of the form:
1. Ability to set packages (amount of email) to send email to your liking.
2. Ability to choose whether to use the mail () function of PHP or an SMTP server local and external, with and without authentication.
3. Time interval between the sending of an email package and the other in order not load the server.
4. Cron automatic (in the background automatically sends emails once started sending the newsletter).
5. Preview of the newsletter is to be sent to those already sent
6. Possibilità di testare l'email inviandola al solo webmaster prima di fare l'invio massiccio a tutti gli utenti. Ability to test email sent to the webmaster just before making massive sending to all users.
7. Ability to see both email sent as a test all'admin that those users.
8. State of play of (chance to see until that moment how many newsletters have been sent).
9. NewsLetter Compatible with NewsLetter module Your_Account (leverages the email registration without changing table and no exploits subscription to the newsletter module Your_Account).
10. Ability to send News, FAQ, Download and many other news site!
11. Ability to activate or cancel the newsletter from the user quickly and easily.
12. Ability to search for an e-mail users and update the status of its Newsletter (active / off).
13. General information on how many users are subscribers to the newsletter.
14. Possibility of sending a force all of the Newsletter.
15. Multilanguage"

Article submitted by: Eros23
Last Update: 03-10-2008
Category: PHP Nuke Modules

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