Wars Module 2.21

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The Wars Module has been updated again.
I got a lot of suggestions and they are all in this new version.
Below is a list with the changes.

- You can add as much maps as you want
- Gametype can be variable per map
- For the result you can choose if you want the text to be colored or use colored boxes
- The table colors can be edited in the administration, some theme's don't have the colors defined in the theme.php file. So now you can edit them in the administration. Leave them empty to use the defaults.
- You can choose who can apply for wars by editing the table and fieldname where the users can be found So if you use a clanlist, all the names of the clan members should be in the db, then you can select that table. Only users out of that table can apply for wars then. If you use my clan members module, you add _clan_members_info as table and name as fieldname.
- I've added a field where you can add the number of players needed for a war. So you can add something like 3on3; 5on5 ... The update script will look how much users have played a war and then add it. I know it won't be correct for all wars, but it's the best way to do to this.
- The dateformat can be edited aswell the default is dd-mm-yyyy
- The window where you edit the screens, maps, comments and line up are now pop-up windows.
- When u add a new war, you can add the screens immediately, you don't have to add it first and the edit it any more
- The highest score you can add is 9999. at first it was 999
- A new block that shows the game icon instead of the country flag

This new version is available @ UDesigns.Be

Article submitted by: Telli
Last Update: 03-10-2008
Category: PHP Nuke Modules

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