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We have been part of the (PHP) Network from April this year and as of yet have not provided our full services with regards to Downloads for our users.

Running a 24 hour 7 days a week online support site is not easy and takes time, so we have decided to look for partner sites that would like to join us and provide downloads for our users.

Maybe you have a high visit (PHP) site with a large area of downloads, that we are looking for.

Are you a (PHP) users that spends time building downloads and would like to share your work with others and at the same time advertise your (PHP) site?

We ask this, join us as a partner and share your download work with our users and many more across the (PHP) network and will help advertise your site for FREE.

Visit our forums and give us your ideas for just join as a member add your downloads and will take care of the rest.

Our aim is to make the (PHP) community are large community that users all over the world would like to join and start building there very own (PHP) community with the help of you and us.

We look forward to having you as a partner the very next time you join or visit (PHP)

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Last Update: 05-22-2004
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