Facts and fiction on Search Engines Part 2

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Search engines want you to think you have to buy space from them, but let's look at the facts... not one of them actually says you have to, they just point you to a direction to buy that space. In this second article you will discover how to get free search engine placement in just a few hours to a few days.Of course they want you to buy space, since the 1990 collapse of Internet business almost 100 thousand people are signing on each month for the first time, and they have no idea that the Internet is actually free. Search engines are looking for that number one space, once held by Yahoo, now by Google, but they all want it. They can't very well get it if no one goes to them, and why do we go to them? Because they have the most listings....
Ah ha! How did they get those listings? Do you believe for one minute that 7 million web sites paid for those listings? I don't think so. I have several web sites that place high on the search engines, and I haven't spent a dime, and all of them are less than two years old.
Those new people that are spending money are doing it for fast and hoping the meta tags these companies provide will put them at the top of the lists... but that isn't true.
One company, for a measly $500, on sale from their normal $1500, promised rankings in the top ten for the search words they use. Another promises the same thing for $49.00. What is the difference? Nothing. You can do that yourself for free. Do you get the top position when you do that? Not hardly, How can 1 billion sites all have the top position?
These are all come-ons for you to spend money on things they promise, but don't have to own up to if you read their contract... it goes something like it is your responsibility and you can not hold them liable for any change you make in your site after they tell you what to put on it... ok that means if you change one word, the game is over, you lose. You can't get your money back. Now if you think it is odd they would ask a 14 year old for $500, just remember I get email for enlarging my breasts and Viagra too! But that shows you how hard up they are for real business.
The point is, if the only ones that paid search engines got on them, then only a few thousand would be on them at all, and that surely would not make them the number one search engine!
So the search engines need your listing to stay on top. New people don't understand this concept, so they pay for it. So how do you get on the list and stay on top? I will go a step further, how do you get on the list fast, and stay on top?
Most of you bypass these great opportunities every day. Phpnuke-uk.com gets hundreds if not thousands of hits from web masters every day, yet only one out of 3000 take the time to put their web site address on the web links, less add it to our top sites, that is two different links in one site alone... they do not submit news to that site, that is three places. Now if you have a phpnuke site at all, and you place those links on the other 1000 phpnuke sites you have quite a few links.
How does that help you? Well some of those sites have been around a long time. Some of them are cataloged by search engines everyday. If they are cataloged, then those sites see the news, web links, and top sites. Those are all Places into their search engine usually within 24 hours.
Part two of this great process is that once they have put your link on from the sites, they then - within a few weeks- start spidering your site!
I'll break it down. Whenever you go to a phpnuke site, or other site that is a portal, then place your web link and tell all about your site (make these up in advance on your word processor so you only have to cut and paste it!) Put news on your site, and some of it is worth placing on others, maybe they wont post it, but then again maybe they will! When you write in a forum have your web link and a pic in your signature i.e. Tag
That alone draws attention, get you hits, and gets you on search engines.
Between part one and two you now have over 6 ideas that work to get on search engines almost immediately. We will go into other great ideas in the next chapter!

The author is 14 year old Tag Craig

from phpnuke-uk.com

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