Facts and fiction Search Engines Part 3

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The last two articles taught you how to get on the search engines quickly, but what are those search engines going to find when they actually get to your site? Search engines as well as people that visit your site are looking for content on your Theme... The same theme we discussed in part one. Now what is content? Content are files and information as well as news, talk, chat, and articles, especially how to articles but any articles covering your theme are appropriate. For instance if you have a game site, of course you want to have games to play, but you need other content as well, articles that tell about new games coming out, interviews with game makers -even if it is you. Game discussions, not about what you are doing so much as how to play. If you have a site for themes, but you are not helping others or have how to content, exactly how prone are people to participate in your site?
Most do not think they are smart enough or can write well enough to create a story for your site. That is nonsense. Ok so this has been edited sort of by others, but just about every article is done that way. Invite your users to send in articles, news, post about your theme in the forums. Then do light editing if you have to, but tell them that in advance.
The worst web sites are ones with no themes, no content, and no purpose. Search engines pick this up right away, so before you start announcing your site and theme make sure you have some content right at the first and build on that as you go, daily if necessary but at least weekly.
This content is what the search engines are going to index... especially in php portals such as phpnuke. Now if you don't believe that, look at a site that has had Matty Scripts MS-Analysis on it. Look at the search words people have used to find it. You will be very surprised, because 90% of those searches are for a keyword, and if the site did not have that group of words on it, then they never would have found it. Content in php is very important, and phpsites are just now starting to realize the potential..
Another instance, is that this series of articles on search engines, is content for any site posting it. That content when someone searches for it will show up on their site. So not only do people hear about phpnuke-uk.com, they hear about the site that supported the article, the content of help that those people need at that time.
To sum it all up, create a theme for your site, get content that matches it, then submit your site to every phpnuke web link, sponsor, supporter, top ten list that you can, and don't stop to smell the roses, keep plugging at it every week, and in six months or less you will be bring in 1000 hits a week - regardless of your theme, just doing those simple things.
That is the way of the search engines, no hype, no selling here, you got the truth and the truth works... If only Mulder had known me :P
Thanks and I hope this series of articles helped you. To support me, I don't want your money. I want you to visit our site, and become active, because I want you to learn what me and my friends have found out the hard way!

The author is 14 year old Tag Craig

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