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Sabaki IRC Network would like to offer you their services. Due to recent disputes over the conduct of certain IRCops on different networks it was decided that Sabaki would start their own IRC network. The idea is to get rid of power hungry opers, which the tend to see on almost every network you choose to idle. We are a tight community with a lot of background history. We have formed this network to allow a better community where people of all types and ages are able to share in online discussions without the hassles of ignorant opers/users. It is a very friendly community that are very strong on helping one another to succeed. For all the information you need in regards to our network, head over to You can find us at /server #Support

Sabaki have been working hard on a number of area's to supply people with the best possible deals. From gaming server to web hosting, we're there to give you a hand. I would like to say a big thanks to those of you that have dedicated so much towards Sabaki Community over the years. We are forever in your debt. Please think to let your friends know about us, as this will help the community grow, and will allow us to provide you better net solutions .

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Last Update: 07-20-2004
Category: News

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