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You can buy and all the code, rights, etc., for a mere $1,000,000 starting price! Here are the pertinent links:

The website is for sale
Is PHP-Nuke on sale?

Admin Note: "Site has more than 3,000,000 pages views per month and a big number of registered users"

What a joke... so I guess that makes Codezwiz worth 2,000,000.00 ?

Article submitted by: Telli
Last Update: 04-05-2005
Category: News

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Re: PHP-Nuke For Sale

By: echo @ 16:14:40 : 04-05-2005

OhMy! A measley million starting price? I don't know about warm and about hot and scratchy? LMAO

Re: PHP-Nuke For Sale

By: Telli @ 16:30:11 : 04-05-2005

Yea I had to change that LOL. >> Trying to find where I can sell my domain and retire -) icon_question.gif

Re: PHP-Nuke For Sale

By: Staffie @ 16:24:29 : 04-06-2005

I really cant believe how they can justify sellin for that much.

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