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Hello all. As you might have guessed SDDesign have been slowly moving on to the clan community in doing custom/commerical themes for the different clans. Well this is the strat off point for us. We proudly announce the release of out first Caln theme "Call of Duty" aka "COD". This theme is ONLY for the clans thats dedicated to the Call of Duty game. This theme incorporates all the Releases of "Call of Duty" versions/expantions/patches (GFX). I would let the comment of the very first client of call of duty speak for himself: "This is the single most beautiful and orginal cod theme i have seen so far on the web. the sounds amazingly realistic, the header and the border seems to have been directly taken out of the game! This is too realistic" This is a commercial Theme. As this is our first venture into clan themes we are selling it at a 25% discount, at the price of $100 (USD). The theme also incorporates the "No edit" feature. All you have to do is put the link names from the Themecpannel and then it would show up in the header. Custom made Forums icons/ news icons are also available for a further payment of 20 usd only. Check out our Call of Duty Theme at: Call Of Duty Theme Demo Order the Theme at: SDDesign Comaptible Versions are: PHP-Nuke & PHP-Nuke-Platinum Any editional Changes to the header can also be done upon request. Please give us feedback regarding this Theme. We will be releasing 4 more clan themes by the next month. mainly: Medal Of Honor Unreal tournament Battlefield (All versions) Diablo II and many more upon your requests. Thank you. SDDesign Adminstration.

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Last Update: 04-20-2005
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