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Hello everyone.
After some unavoidable delay I am happy to announce the opening of our "Signature of the week Competition".

Our First Topic is:
- >: SOTW #1: Comic Book Characters

Prize is:
Any 1 **UPGRADE PACK** of 10 themes. These themes upgrade pack include the latest theme upgrades with ** FREE ** flash navigation menu. You can Choose which theme upgrade pack you want!!! and its ABSOLUTELY FREE!!


- > 29th January 2006 till 7th February 2006.

Participate now and win!!

There are a few more changes that have been made in our website.
Our New Advertising Schemes
Our New SOTW Rule

We will be releasing 3 new themes on the upcoming month of February to celebrate the 1st anniversary of SDDesign.BiZ

Thank you
SDDesign Administration

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Last Update: 01-27-2006
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