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Carlsbad, NM -, that started less than six months ago has been welcomed by the writing community based on Googles upgrade in site popularity last week. The site already has a focus on new books, authors, interviews of those authors and a place where they can play and discuss in calmness. ideas, successes and posting of their web sites. You can add that even supports authors by running full blown web services for discounted rates. Bookwired wasn't satisfied with that. They wanted a place for authors and writers to shine, so within a month of opening, they began their article submission service for web masters and e-zine editors to grab their articles from. Needless to say it was a success with the young site getting its share of new stories and submissions, and they are not even on automatic submission software as of this writing. Bookwired had bigger plans and announced this week the opening of their writing service where for a few dollars in donations you can get super articles for your web site, content or even a news release, "We have a lot of things we are working on this year to make Bookwired a better site. The article writing is just a small step in that direction, now anyone can get an article written and they own the copyright for pennies compared to other sites offering the same service on the net. We could see where even authors have a hard time promoting themselves, and our other sites show that some people really need help in getting their news out." Tag Craig, the web master stated.

This new service compliments their already existing article submission with an RSS feed emanating from several major sites and many medium and small sites around the world, "Bookwired has news people want, and we plan on getting it out to them as fast as possible." Tag stated.

"We have a long way to go before we get to where we want to be, but when you are talking about millions - billions of web sites we are pretty happy with the first six months of our growth." Tag told Carlsbad residents at a recent banquet. You can see and use is services at:

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Last Update: 04-05-2006
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