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Category   MYSQL in PHP Nuke (4)  Tips and tricks for using mysql databses and mysql queries.

PHP Nuke

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Blocks in theme Footer  Popular View
Description: Add blocks in your theme footer. Open the theme.php for the theme you wish to add the block into... [...]
Added on: 10-23-2006 Hits: 8374
Call to undefined function: message_die() in /html/db/db.php on line 88  Popular View
Description: Fix this common error or help troubleshoot it. line 88 errors are ALWAYS problems connecting to... [...]
Added on: 05-01-2004 Hits: 7605
Couldn't update private forum permissions  Popular View
Description: Fix the groups error when updating Forums permissions Couldn't update private forum permissions... [...]
Added on: 04-28-2004 Hits: 9224
Fatal error: Cannot redeclare head()  Popular View
Description: Usually get a parse error Fatal error: Cannot redeclare head() (previously... [...]
Added on: 06-01-2004 Hits: 8348
Googletap with keywords in Url  Popular View
Description: SEO titles in your URL's. function prepare_title($title) { //this is how telli... [...]
Added on: 03-08-2008 Hits: 6971
Hide Left Blocks in Forums  Popular View
Description: No left blocks while viewing the Forums Open themes/YOUR_THEME/theme.php find the following... [...]
Added on: 04-27-2004 Hits: 7446
How to check if GD is enabled and bundled  Popular View
Description: A simple code to check if Save this as gd.php and upload it to your root folder. Then call it in a... [...]
Added on: 07-12-2004 Hits: 8613
How to stop the dreaded dead page load  Popular View
Description: Fix for the dreaded dead site look when there is a trailing slash in the request Ever try to... [...]
Added on: 01-11-2005 Hits: 8380
How to update older modules to work in PHP Nuke 7.5  Popular View
Description: A brief description of how to update older modules to work in the new version of PHP Nuke 7.5 For... [...]
Added on: 09-24-2004 Hits: 10016
IPB like page numbers function  Popular View
Description: There are 3 files that you will need to use. 1. CSS .pagination... [...]
Added on: 02-04-2008 Hits: 41787

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