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Wimpy Skins announces that we now have over 1500 FREE templates ready to use to create your own master piece WimpyPlayer skin. We also have over 70 ready to download and use skins to include several flash based skins.

Weve also got over 150 ready to use skins in our commercial skins shop now. If your not sure what WimpySkins or WimpyPlayer is then you really need to ck it out. Now you can have a streaming mp3 player on your website that is 100% Guaranteed to match no matter what theme, style, format, size or color. Works on any server using php or can even be implemented strait into an html only site.

Great player and your visitors dont have to have any special plugins or downloads. Anyone with a computer bought since 1996 will have everything needed to listen to your tunes or watch your video's. We have several specials going on right now and also offer the only live support forums for the player or for the skins.

Come on by and ck it all out at...........

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Last Update: 07-04-2006
Category: Community

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