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Clan Themes is proud to introduce the Affiliate System. Earn 10% for each sale refer you deliver and get $10 for just signing up. Our average theme sale is $70 / £35 and affiliate payouts are only $30. You do the math. Like most affiliate systems we do not try to reel you in with impossible goals that can never be met.

Note: Refers are stored through sessions, cookies, and database entries. They are set to expire after 90 days. This gives you nearly 3 months to collect on a sale generated by one of your refers. In simple this means if a refer does not make a purchase on their first visit you can still collect for later purchases.

Go on Keep reading it gets better.

Types of Ads

* Html Ads
* Text Ads
* Text Links
* Customized you own Text Links

Peformance Rewards
For every 10 sales you deliver you will receive a higher percentage of future sales.

* Tier 1 - 10%
* Tier 2 - 15%
* Tier 3 - 20%
* Tier 4 - 25%

Get paid for linking to us.
Clan Themes Affiliate System

Article submitted by: Floppydrivez
Last Update: 05-13-2007
Category: Announcements

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