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Hi everyone, I'm pleased to announce the release of my latest product - Instadigi, an automatic forum posting script. This script is suitable for people trying to kick-start a forum and do not intend to invest lots of time and money into hiring forum posters to populate the board.

What does the script do?
The script automatically generates discussion topics for forums/discussion boards based on user-specified keywords. The user has total control over the amount of posts to generate and 'who' the topic posters are. Content generated is 'human generated', meaning this script is NOT a botting program. Content is actual human input.

Which forum systems are supported?
Currently only PHP-Nuke and PHPBB2 are supported. Vbulletin and Invisionboard are currently under development, and are schedule for release within the next few days.

How much does it cost?
Only $70.00 per domain one time payment, lifetime support and updates are provided. I believe this is a very affordable price compared to those who invest thousands of dollars on 'pay-per-post' methodologies to kick-start a forum. People are paying $0.10 PER POST on average, which is about $100 just for 1000 posts.

To find out more, visit: Feel free to visit my community website at for webmaster resources as well icon_smile.gif

Article submitted by: Kenetix
Last Update: 09-26-2007
Category: Announcements

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