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Starting October 2nd, Lobo Links Web Directory will be giving away free regular listings to web sites using the Phpnuke CMS or offering resources related to Phpnuke. Thanks to Raven Php Scripts for sponsoring this offer.

In order to receive your regular listing you must use the coupon code, freenukelinks. The coupon field can be found at the bottom of the submit page. If you fail to follow the submission guidelines your link will be rejected.

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Article submitted by: Floppydrivez
Last Update: 10-05-2007
Category: Announcements

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Re: Get your PhpNuke site listed for free!

By: JoAnne @ 13:33:38 : 10-06-2007

Hi Floppydrivez

I have been trying to submit my site. When I finish filling out the submit form, I click continue and it just brings me back to the submit formm again. Doesn't state that I did anything wrong.... but I must be?

Thank you


Re: Get your PhpNuke site listed for free!

By: floppydrivez @ 13:29:14 : 10-09-2007

JoAnne, sorry I missed your comment. Usually if you wil scroll back down it will have an error message around of the fields that are wrong. For instance try to submit a url that you know is already in the directory like

Let me know

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