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Welcome to! Introducing not a revolution but an evolved concept to managing your website. Bringing together the power and ease of customization with the PHP programing language - storage capability of MySQL database technology. PHP-Nuke EVOLVED PRERELEASE represents the next step forward for extensibility and ease of deployment.

Download PHP-Nuke EVOLVED PRERELEASE here (FREE registration required)

Read more for features and how this CMS is the right solution for your website.

Built upon the experience of literally hundreds of thousands of users and administrators world wide, this Content Management System (CMS) affords you (the website owner or entrepreneur) the ability to have a professional portal - at minimal cost! No or little programing experience is required! The steps are easy to install yourself. Assistance with this process may be found here.

Features included with PHP-Nuke EVOLVED PRERELEASE;

* Themes to customize the look and feel of your site
* Advertising system to display banner ads as well as Google ad code
* Downloads section to offer many different file types for your friends and users to your website
* Feedback and contact system, allowing users to send you a message without exposing your email
* Forums (discussion groups) allowing for user interaction and discussion on any topics you wish
* Groups functionality making easier for users and administrators to organize special interests
* Recommend Us form feature giving word a mouth advertising a premium
* Search feature covering all aspects of your site
* Web Links featuring all your favorite websites
* Site Map for automatic indexing of your site by search engines
* Syndication duplicates your content for access by thousands of other sites
* Create your own Journal (blog)

Admin Note: Another Fork? Good Luck With It!

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Last Update: 05-30-2008
Category: Announcements

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