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Version 4 for PHPNuke 7.1+ this a main menu block that groups your modules into categories. It is all run through a conveniant and easy to use admin interface. Added in this version

V4.0 - 7-20-04
- Browser friendly, tested in Mozilla, IE 4.0+.
- Ability to move categories up and down.
- Extra Category for External Links.
- Ability to open External links in a popup, same window, or new window.
- Admin Modules grouped in Categories for easy editing.
- Much faster sql system all updated to new sql layer. This version is much faster and lighter on your system.
- Ability to show the categories opened or closed.
- Images change with theme if it set up. (themes/images/CZM/)
- All block functions controlled through added admin panel.
- Ability to rename the Quick Links and the New External Links.
- 7.1 Groups system built in.
- 7.1 Subscription system built in.
- GT Nextgen friendly.
- Plus much much more.

Grab your copy HERE

There will be a version for 7.0, and 6.9 and down available within the week.

Article submitted by: Telli
Last Update: 07-26-2004
Category: PHP Nuke Add-ons

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