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The Periodic Table has been brought to PHP-Nuke!

While looking for some information on some random element late one night, I noticed that there were no Periodic Table modules for PHP-Nuke.
So, I decided to go about writing my first PHP-Nuke module.(for whatever reason, don't ask)

Some features:
All elements-from Hydrogen(1) to Ununoctium(118)
Details for each element
Multiple table views

The module's admin side offers full editing capalities for the non-static data.(I.E.- renaming elements, for those known by different names worldwide) and Block/Series color options for site theme integration.

As this is my first module, feel free to offer any feedback, comments or recommendations for any future builds.I do plan continued work on this module, as I would like to add a LOT more data and functionality for more discerning physicists.

And with much hubub, Here it is

Article submitted by: Colossus610
Last Update: 03-21-2006
Category: PHP Nuke Modules

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