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It makes me proud to announce the relaunch of As the nuke community grows there are more and more webmasters looking to venture into the various Nuke versions. Well most have php and mysql knowledge, there are also many that are not as experienced, leaving them without to know how to install a Nuke system. With that in mind we decided to provide our services to get them the Nuke portal they always wanted. From Nuke Installs to Nuke Conversions we offer a large array of professional services. Below is a list of a few services that is offering:

* PHP-Nuke Installs
* PHP-Nuke Upgrades
* Nuke Evolution Installs
* Nuke Platinum Installs
* PHP-Nuke to Platinum Conversions
* PHP-Nuke to Evolution Conversions
* Nuke Platinum to Evolution Conversions
* and many more

-Custom Services also available

View services here
If you and further questions please do not hesitate to contact us directly from our website.


Article submitted by: Xtreme21
Last Update: 12-08-2006
Category: Announcements

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