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Well after 6 solid days on tweaking and modifications at last here is the new NukeClassifieds now version C30 BIS.

In this new version we rectified the following bugs (from the previous version C30 beta 3):
1- Dates in comments and dates in the user ads-box
2- Username not appearing in the ads details
3- Go back history page now working ok
4- Go back when posting ads
4- Submitter unable to delete the ads
5- Submitter unable to edit ads in all functions/page
6-  Various pages not linked correctly
7- Function deleteads rectified, previously the required page not showing

Improvements in all functions: module & admin dept.:
1- In the submitter ads-box we included in the active ads 2 extra icon/link to edit and view ads
2- Removed repetitive ads details especially in the module front page listing
3- As per above rectifications the submitters now can edit, delete ads in all 4 ads-box area
4- Changed the module interface
5- 85% admin and submitter tasks replied by images and not by text
6- Few other minor tweaks

Members can use the module and we appreciate to report any malfunctioning. Many thanks in advance.
PS. At present we haven't decided yet if the new module can be downloaded by members or for the C.I.N. Children in Need donors-members only (we need to ask the author's authorization).

To view the module in action please click here. - Thank you.

I take this opportunity to wish you and your family a very Happy Christmas.

Article submitted by: Antonio
Last Update: 12-21-2005
Category: Announcements

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