WimpySkins.com for all your WimpyMp3 player needs...

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Come ck out our new venture customised around Wimpy MP3 player. We have over 190+ templates you can use to customise your player with or you can get one of our ready to use Custom Wimpy skins also.
Weve got over 600 songs you can download also from our main player all for FREE.

We can customise your copy of Wimpy Player to match your site, theme or any specific style or look for you and even make it a working center or side block for your site.

Wimpy is awesome because all you have to do is upload the files, add your songs to same folder and kick back and enjoy your tunes. No more having to fill out those confusing xml sheets and tons of editing. Just plug and play.

You can see and test out the :Custom Wimpy Player Here:

Or you can ck out the entire site :WimpySkins.com:

Article submitted by: DAMIAN
Last Update: 01-06-2006
Category: Announcements

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