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The new online gaming competition experience! Tired of unfair gaming competition?
Tired of returning cheaters, unfair points and ranking systems, roster manipulations, corrupt ladder administrators???
Tired of false cheating accusations and your reputation being tarnished by newbs?

So are we and why the organization was formed.
Now is your chance to leave all that behind and start competing they way it's meant to be!
Pro-GamingLeagues is not like many online gaming leagues out there. We have committed our self to provide the real gamers a true valor of their competition experience through online gaming.
We do this by developing what is needed to support fair play and your preferred game title and we take advantage of each game's potential and particularity to provide taylored game specific ladder systems.
Support for the best games as they come out or upon community request.

We have developed our systems and keep on improving them to ensure a fair environment leaving as good as no chances for cheaters to disturb your competition.
Among all the developments of advanced solutions you will see and use tools like:
The PGL Match Sneaker Anti-Cheat.
An advanced registering system based on Computer Hardware Guid bounding each member account to one single PC.
Efficient and permanent ban system.
Live match stats: watch live who plays who.
Advanced ranking system based on a player/team's skill and not on points.
And much more...

The New Competition Starts on January It's the new competition feeling starting this year, it's the real competition!
Now is your chance to finally compete with your friends in a fair, exiting and innovative environment, now is your chance to reach the top.
Some game sites charge a fee to pay a single round of a game. Other game sites charges for each game you play or for each tournament you want to participate on. Three-month X-box Live membership costs you at least $39.99 USD. At Pro-GamingLeagues you can participate on all our leagues, ladders, special events and regular tournaments for any game for a flat fee as low as $18 USD or 15 Euro per YEAR!!! This price is ridiculous compared to your benefit you get out of it. Many gamers feel the entertainment value of their game subscription is well worth the money they pay, especially when it is compared to the cost of even going to the movies for a single night.

Your clan gets FREE quality web hosting with basic support, valued $29USD/month, prepaid by Pro-GamingLeagues. Get free stuff from regularly organized lotteries and other events hosted on the PGL.
Sponsorship for you or your clan. The PGL organization is committed to promote great players or teams and searches for sponsors or will provide sponsorship. You and/or your Team can get free and quality merchandise.

Qualify for the End of the year Pro-GamingLeagues Special encounter tournament for each supported game title, calling all the best Teams from affiliate leagues to fight for the PGL CuP and special prizes. Why wait, other gamers have already joined the PGL and are ready to give you back your change. Don't be the one who hesitated and wasted another precious amount of quality gaming time. You're smart, try us out for free and let no one else convince you but yourself.
Join PGL and prove your skills to the world, join now and increase your chances of winning great prizes, personal sponsorships, free goodies.
Join today and benefit from an extended trial period until the 1st of April 2006, past that date you will only get a 28 days trial period. For the new millennium comes a new sportsman, the e-sportsman. So, don't sit on the bench while you can become a cyber athlete and earn some money at doing what you love to do. It's now, it's there, it's at the

Article submitted by: Tactixs
Last Update: 02-03-2006
Category: Announcements

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