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Attn all major resource sites. Well purchase you a
copy of Wimpy Player and create you a custom skin to
match your site at no charge to you. All we want is our
name very small on bottom of the player. What a great
way to add some tunes to your website. No plugins
needed, EVERYONE that comes to your site will get to
listen without having to download anything.
Great way to make voice ads to promote the latest
goings on at your site.
Requirements for FREE skin and player purchased by
us for free to you........

You must recieve at least 500 visitors a day.

The player must be presented on the front page of site
or have a very distinguishable link to the player.

Your site must show up in all web searchs for your
subject matter.(well ony ck major search engines like
google, msn, yahoo, splat, etc...)

Your site must have been up for at least one year.

If you meet the above requirements and would like a
FREE custom skin and a player purchased for you, use
the link below to visit our site and sign up with your
details and information via the contact us link and well
get back with you very soon.


Article submitted by: DAMIAN
Last Update: 02-17-2006
Category: Announcements

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