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The PNC-Team is happy to announce the release of PNC3.0.1

We have tried to work as fast as we could to solve all the bugs we could find, and the bugs posted in the forums.
With help of some of you we have managed to make PNC more bugfree.

What updates and fixes will the new 3.0.1 have

* PNC2.1.1 to 3.0.1 update file.

* SQUERY4.5 updates

* vWar new join-hack and a challenge template fix.

* New vWar_Account 1.2

* New vWar-blocks

* New Squadlist block.

* NewvWar-Request block.

* Teamspeak and ventrilo admin fix.

* Forum Shopmod has been removed due to bugs

This is just a small part of the fixes an updates we have made. It was a hard time testing and upgrading this package.



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Last Update: 02-21-2006
Category: Announcements

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