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We all get tired of those affiliate programs that never make any monry or you have to make a fortune to get paid first. Weve just started the easy way to make some money.
Weve just added the highly successful idevAffiliate program to GetRdoneSite. This great program not only lets you become an affiliate you can track your sales and traffic 24/7.
Well even pay you $10.00 just for joinging our affiliate program.
So lets recap, you get the oppurtunity to make some good cash, up to 25%, plus well pay you $10.00 just for joining up.........NO WHERE can you beat that deal.
Where else do you get paid just for having a button on your website. Most people beg you to put there button on for free.
In fact, if you use a combination of text links, buttons, banners, forums post and email links you could earn as much as $150 a month for start off pay.
We also offer Tier 2 program, where as if you get someone to sign up on the affiliate program from a special link on your site, then youll not only be getting paid for your work, but also any customer who buys anything from their site youll get some of that money also. If just keeps getting better doesnt it.

Ck out the program :HERE:


Or if you would like to start your own Affiliate Program, then look no further, here is a link to the best program for affiliates around....

Dedicated Hosting @ Shared Hosting Prices

Weve just kicked off our BRAND NEW dedicated server as well. Just another tool we provide in our arsenal of items for our members.

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Last Update: 03-23-2006
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